• set amplifier: 300B monoblocks
  • EL34 Power Amplifier: EL34-70
  • Phone Stage: L3 Phono V2
  • Digital to analogue converter: DAC 5.1 signature
  • SET amplifier: Kit1-10 300B Integrated
  • slider
  • Speakers: Audio Note AN-E 04 Kit
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Welcome to the ANK website. Established in 2004 as the Audio Note kit company we have been selling DIY audio kits to the audiophile community for over 12 years.
With more than 30 DIY products under our umbrella and thousands of kits sold we have become the premier audio kit destination.

As well as our full range of products, check out our systems page. Many of our customers have developed entire ANK systems in place of their previous finished products.

Our range can be divided into 300B SET and EL34 Amplification (Monoblocks & Integrated), DAC's, Phono Stages and high end Pre-amplification. We also sell the Audio Note Speaker Kits 03 & 04 for the North American market and supply Russian Birch cabinets.

For full details of our product range go to the ANK Audio Kits website here.
Audio Note Kits SET Monoblock The Legend


ANK is pleased to announce our new “Professional Series”. This product line will be available as finished products built to impeccable standards in-house and with additional signature upgrades.

We are starting with two of our top of the line products:
DAC 5.1 Signature Professional Series
The Mentor Pre-amplifier Professional Series
We will be introducing more of our higher level products into 2017.

The Professional Series was created to satisfy customer requests for finished versions of our higher level products. For customers demanding the absolute best the Professional Series will satisfy the most demanding audiophile. ANK will continue producing DIY audio kits as before and offer a build service on many of our range to the US market.

For further details go to the ANK Professional Series website here.
Audio Note Kits SET Monoblock The Legend