Audio Note Kits
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The L2 went together very smoothly. Once again thank you for the excellent parts packing job. Having the parts separated and organized into build sections was a great help and saved a lot of time. Time better spent soldering than part searching.

The preamp is sounding superb and is very quiet, no audible hum or buzz. What I noticed at first listen was the bass weight this preamp provides. The bass is very deep and tight and provides a great foundation for the music. I thought my speakers were fairly good, but now I think I'm hearing their full potential for the first time. The sound is very balanced top to bottom, images are large and nicely positioned in the sound stage and the soundstage is also wide and deep. The dynamics are perfect and there is a certain cohesiveness to the music that is hard to describe. I think maybe the top notch parts and the power supply of this preamp have plenty to say about the sound.

I told my Dad (who is a 80 year old passive pre buff), that this was my last foray into active line stages. Previous preamps I've used have left me wanting or added things that I did not like. If this one didn't work out I was giving up and going passive. However, that's not going to happen. I'm very satisfied with the L2, this is the best preamp I've had hooked into my system to date. The highest compliment I can give to you comes from my wife, "It just sounds more like live music now".

Thanks Brian, and I'll be looking to add the phono section soon!

Paul Hopkins 2007