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ANK Audiokits L3 EL84 Triple C-Core Integrated or Power Amplifier
EL84 Push-Pull Power & Integrated Amplifiers - 20W per channel Class AB

 ANK Audiokits decided to see how far we could take this wonderful EL84 tube sonically for our extreme enthusiasts! Our external choked Power Supply, large Mains and Triple C-core output transformers results in an integrated or power amplification product of the highest standard.  

Brian Smith


Audio Note L3 EL84 Amplifier Audio Note L3 EL84 C-Core Amplifier

We are pleased to introduce our new limited edition L3 EL84i CLASS AB Integrated/Power Amplifier as part of our L3 Series. For lovers of this glorious power pentode we have designed an amplifier for the ultimate enthusiast. This will be a Limited Edition offering for 2012 delivering 20W of ultimate EL84 Pentode glory through our new Triple C-core Output transformers. Reserved for the ultimate EL84 purist that needs 20W of CLASS AB power.


Our new triple C-core transformers with custom brackets makes for some serious kit hardware! The DACT extension kit and ELMA selector make up the integrated section. A serious Mains/Choke Power Supply section enhances this amplifier for ultimate EL84 pentode sonics!


Lets start with the L3 size chassis in 3mm aluminum and a rugged Mains transformer/power section utilizing the latest Mundorf electrolytic technology and custom designed CHOKE transformer.

A separate PCB houses the 4 pole 220uf and 30uf Mlytic caps (left).

Using our second generation EL84 driver pcb with the high quality black CMC valve bases for the 4xEL84's.

The output transformers are our new Triple C-core offering which extend the bass and treble frequency and really allow the EL84 to be heard in all its glory with nothing holding it back! A high quality ELMA selector and DACT extension kit, along with our ALPS 100K volume pot (or upgradeable pot of your choice) makes for an EL84 amplifier of the highest standard. Delivering close to 20W of CLASS AB power, this integrated can drive most any speaker but it is also ideal for ultimate delicacy and finesse and slam on high 80's DB rated speakers.

We have configured the amplifier as an integrated with 3 pairs of inputs or a pure power amplifier!

As you can see, the unit looks gorgeous both inside and out - from all the top notch mechanical to the high quality PCB's and parts - this kit shows off some of our finest work here at AudioNoteKits! Whether this unit sits in the centerpiece of your hi-fi system or is used as second system you can be assured the sonic signature will astound all who listen!

Click here to view an enlarged schematic

The ELMA selector switch is shown here wired into the input RCA's for the integrated version. 22G PTFE silver plated copper stranded wire is used for the connections.


Audio Note shielded cable AN-A is used to connect the output of the ELMA to the Volume Pot at the front of the amp.


The massive EL84 Triple C-core output transformers are shown here at the rear of the chassis - these are fitted in after the RCA/ELMA wiring is performed.


On the Power Amplifier version we just have one pair of RCA's connected via Shielded AN cable direct to the Input driver PCB.

General Specification

Output 20 Watts per channel
Amplifier Class AB
Dimensions 15" wide, 16" back to front, 5.75" height (including height from floor)
Inputs 1 - 3 stereo inputs (line level)

Standard Configurations and Pricing

L3 EL84 Triple C-core $2,150(USD)

This Special Limited Edition CLASS AB Integrated EL84 Amplifier with 20W includes the following:

Triple C-core output transformers
Mundorf FILM & Mlytic Power supply caps
Custom Mains & Choke
ELMA selector
DACT extension kit
ALPS 100K stero pot
EH EL84 Tubes

(This exact kit is also available with IE core output transformers for $1,625)

More Pictures

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What customers are saying about the L3 EL84 Triple C-core Amplifier Kit

Hi Brian,

I found ANK website by chance and was very interested. After having a talk to Brian on options for kit beginners we decided on giving the L3 EL84 a try. I got the kit finished over Christmas holidays and it worked immediately. That wasn't the big surprise though, the big surprise was how good it sounded!! Its so sweet , especially strings and vocals. Just a joy to listen to. I could wax lyrical with audiophile speak now. Lets cut that out and just say it has made my other amps that cost many many times more redundant now!!

The EL84 is a smaller tube and that does come across when compared to my 300B and 845 tube amps. You don't get quite the midrange presence but I absolutely prefer to listen to the EL84 for its better balance across the Hz range and sweet sparkle. The NOS EL84 tubes are also lot better priced than the bigger tubes as well so you can add some icing to the cake without getting another mortgage on the house....

My speakers are Sensitivity: 87dB/1W/1m and it drives them to very respectable listening levels. Everybody should have one of these amps in the audio arsenal. I think you will find it gets a lot of use like mine ..................

My audio buddies say its the best amp they have heard in my system and I have never listened so much as now.

Duncan Cox

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