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ANK Audiokits L3 Remote Pre-Amplifier
Pre-Amplifier with Transformer-Coupled Output - Balanced or Single-Ended Output



We are excited to introduce the remote control module to the L3 Line Pre-amplifier. This version takes our L3 Line Mk2 pre-amplifier and adds high quality remote control capabilities. The L3 Remote and its couterpart the L3 Line MkII are the ultimate in Audiophile DIY engineering.

The quality of the volume control is critical for excellent sound quality. Any degradation from the volume control will be further amplified by the subsequent gain stages. Conventional designs insert dozens of components and solder joints in the signal path. Commercial integrated circuit volume controls very often have operational amplifiers in the signal path and usually have very limited signal headroom.

The Audio Note shunt volume control eliminates the above limitations. It has only one high quality resistor in series with the signal and there is only one switch contact. This shunt volume control is used in Audio Note's most expensive M9 and M10 preamplifiers.

ANK Audiokits has adopted the Audio Note shunt volume control and built a microprocessor switching system around it. The system uses very high quality audio relays to ensure it contributes no degradation to the signal.

The system consists of 3 boards:

The Audio Display Board

This houses the main microprocessor, the Alpha-numeric display, and Infrared receiver. The display gives the full information of the selected input, the volume level, muting status and the status of the left and right channel balance (where applicable).

The Volume Relay Board

This board houses 24 high quality audio switching relays and the resistors. It also has a microprocessor which accepts commands from the Audio Display Board.

The Input Selection Board

This has the relay drivers and the audio switching relays to handle up to input selection of 4 sources. This board has a flexible design to enable it to handle both single-ended and balanced inputs if required.

The choice of resistors that you use here is up to you. We, however, recommend the use of Audio Note Tantalum resistors. The unit comes standard with a 2W Tantalum 100K resistor and Vishay 1/2W precision resistors for each channel - enquire for 1/2W tantalum resistor set for remote operation.

Left/Right Balance Control Option

The remote unit can come in two configurations - the standard configuration uses one relay board and two sets of resistors for Volume & Input Selection via the remote - For customers wanting right and left Balance in addition, the unit can be configured with 2 relay boards stacked on top of each other - this configuration can be seen in the following pictures (add $250USD):

Manual Volume Control (DIGITAL ENCODER) Option

The L3 Remote also supports what is called a digital encoder - This would act like a normal Volume control on the front panel with a gold knob, acting as a manual volume control.

This allows you to adjust the volume from either the front panel OR from the remote control handset.

Please let us know if you would like this option as a front panel modification is required.

RCA Single-Ended versus XLR Balanced Outputs

Whether you use RCA outputs or balanced XLR outputs is down to which output transformer you choose for your kit. Our now standard output transformer is an I/E core transformer for RCA output.

If you wish to used XLR balanced outputs, you can order the kit with the optional TRANS 027 (I/E core) or HiB Double C-Core (see available upgrades below). Using these transformers you can provide both single-ended and balanced outputs.

The L3 Remote is available in a number of different configurations:

L3 Remote Standard Version
(with RCA output)

The standard version of the L3 Remote model includes the following:

I/E Core output transformers (RCA only, non-balanced output)
Audio Note Tin Foil Film Signal Capacitors
Beyschlag Resistors
High Quality Electrolytic Capacitors
Audio Note AN-A Shielded cable
PTFE silver plated copper wire
Stainless Steel Metric Hardware
Steel Shield
Silver Plated RCA's
Digital Encoder/Gold Knob
Remote Control unit
Remote control handset

L3 Remote Signature Version
(with RCA output)

Includes everything from the standard L3 Remote version above but upgrades the 5687 line board to use:

Audio Note Copper Foil Film Signal Capacitors
Audio Note 1/2W and 1W Tantalum resistors
High quality Capacitors

Available Upgrades for L3 Remote Standard and Signature Versions

Left/Right Balance option (requires additional hardware) Add $250(USD)

The standard and Signature versions of the kit come with I/E core output transformers for RCA (single-ended output) - The following alternative transformers are also available:

I/E core with Balanced output Add $175(USD)
C-core (HiB) output transformers Add $1,000(USD)

Output Transformer Options

The L3 Remote Pre-amplifier comes with three different options for output transformer - You can choose either the RCA output (standard), RCA/Balanced Ouput ($125 Upgrade) or the AN C-core transformer option ($1000 Upgrade).

The complete pre-amp solution

To complete your pre-amplification section, you may want to consider adding our ultimate choice for vinly pre-amplification - the L3 Phono Stage Kit.

The picture opposite shows the L3 Phono Stage Kit sitting on top of the L3 Line Pre-Amplifier Kit.

This combination provides an extremely high standard of pre-amplification for any serious vinyl user to consider.

Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Offer

AudioNote Kits is now able to offer a good quality auto-ranging digital multimeter that you can use to test your kit during and after the build. Along with the test CD's that we provide with the kits, you will be able to do accurate DC, AC and resistance checks with your multimeter optionally supplied with the kit to assure a correctly working unit.

The unit is very easy to use with a simple click to change from AC to DC to ohms and we will explain how to use the meter in the documentation. Please enquire about one if you don't already own a meter.

Click here for more information.

What customers are saying about the L3 Line Pre-Amplifier Kit

The L3 Line pre-amp is playing excellent. It has the warmth and perspective I was hoping for, deep bass like when hearing solo floor-bass is fantastic! and it might even improve as the black-gates are "playing in"

Martin Hjorto

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