Mentor SET Power Amplifier

Mentor SET Power Amplifier (2A3/300B)




Announcing our new Mentor  300B/2A3 SET Power Amp which can be figured for either triode in 3.5w or 8W configurations – the Mains transformer supports both tubes and a simple resistor addition allows one to swap between 300B and 2A3 filament voltages – This product was requested as a Mate for the Level 5 Mentor series Pre-amplifiers . For customers looking for a pure SET Power Amp in a stereo chassis then the new Mentor Set is an ideal fit – It uses the same Mentor style chassis and coupled with our Mentor Pre-amp is really the ultimate in a SET pre/power combination – enquire about a system price . Utilizing our new massive Quad ccore transformers , large Mains and Choke along with 5u4g rectification – the Driver board is loaded with Audionote components!







The new Mentor SET Power Amplifier – a perfect match for the Mentor Pre-amp series –  Available with massive Quad C cores or our large custom made EI core transformers – 2 x 6SH7 driver tubes and a 5u4g rectifier in the power supply – classis tube rectified zero feedback SET

Download the Manual >>  Mentor SET Power Amplifier Manual 


Configuration #1 – SET Power Amp w/ Quad C core Output transformers ( with 15ohm & 8 ohm taps) – AudioNote tantalum resistors , Kasai electrolytics and AN copper film caps  4100$

Configuration #2 – SET Power Amp with EI core outputs for single triode ( 4 & 8 ohm taps) – Takman non magnetic resistors , AN copper film $2500

Mentor Driver Board
Mentor Driver Board