Mentor SET 300B/2a3 Power Amplifier


Stereo 300B Power Amplifier – ideal for mating with matching Mentor Pre-amplifier.

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The Mentor 300B/2A3 SET Power Amp can be configured for either 3.5w or 8W triode configurations.

The mains transformer supports both tubes and a simple resistor addition allows one to swap between 300B and 2A3 filament voltages.

This product was requested as a match for the Level 5 Mentor series pre-amplifiers. For customers looking for a pure SET Power Amp in a stereo chassis then the new Mentor SET is an ideal fit – it uses the same Mentor style chassis.

Coupled with our Mentor Pre-amp, it really is the ultimate in a SET pre/power combination. Utilizing our new massive Quad C-Core transformers, large mains and choke along with 5u4g rectification – the driver board is loaded with Audionote components!


Mentor SET 300B/2a3 8.5W EI Core
Mentor SET 300B/2a3 8.5W Triple C Core
Mentor SET 300B/2a3 8.5W Quad Core


Power 8 Watts Single Ended Triode, zero feedback
Output Tubes 2 x 300B
1st Stage Gain 6SH7
Rectifier Tube 5U4GB
Outputs 1 x Stereo Pair 4, 8, 16 ohms
Recommended Speakers min 88dB
Width 53cm
Height 20cm
Depth 45cm
Weight 18kg
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat