Kit1 300B Integrated Amplifier


Classic 300B integrated amplifier – 8.5W of single ended 300B triode.

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The Kit1-10th 300B C-Core is the ultimate incarnation of the original Kit1, considered the finest 300B amplifier in the world available in kit form. Outstanding musicality and loaded with quality parts, this amplifier is reserved for customers seeking classic AN zero feedback, single ended triode amplification.

Brian Smith

Origins of the Kit1

The Audio Note Kit1 became an instant hit when it was launched back in the 1990’s and introduced hundreds of audiophiles to the sound of single ended 300B zero feedback. It is a favourite at ANK Audiokits, and we have continued enhancing the kit with each production run. The original Manual was written by Peter Q which we have upgraded with colour graphics and wiring diagrams.

The 1.7mm thick steel chassis was upgraded to 3mm aluminum, enhanced filament heat sinks and valve bases where added, a new faceplate, selector switch options, Takman Resistors on the standard version, plus insert plate in stainless steel or copper rounds up the enhancements to the Kit1.

Enter the Kit1-10th – the ultimate version of the Kit1

To celebrate the wonderful history of the Kit1 we released the Kit1-10th Anniversary Limited Edition with triple C-Core output transformers, Takman Resistors, ELNA Cerafine Caps and Mundorf Silver Oil Film Caps. The amplifier has the option of an Elma selector switch with 3 inputs.

An extraordinary version of this amplifier – we believe it is sure to be a collectors edition for years to come! To hear what a Kit1 is truly capable of, you have to hear the Kit1-10th variant, it is a revelation.

Kit1-10th circuit layout

Simple & effective with three PCBs.

The Kit1 circuit has not changed in the last 10 years, a testament to the integrity of the original design. It’s layout is beautifully simple with 3 PCBs containing top quality components. Signal paths are kept to the absolute minimum and the boards layout has been designed for ease of assembly and soldering.

Triple C-Cores – the impact of the transformer

The new Triple C-Core single 300B output transformers supplied with the Kit1-10th anniversary edition are some of the latest in C-Core techonology. These transformers are manufactured to exacting specifications allowing us to take the Kit1-10th to an amazing level of sonics.
Increased definition, authority and high end information allow piano and vocals to strike right in the heart! The already amazing single ended sonics of the Kit1-8th matched with the Triple C-Core output transformers provide an audiphile experience reserved for but a few!


Power 8 Watts Class A
Output Tubes 2 x 300B
1st Stage Gain 6SN7
Rectifier Tube 5U4GB
Front Insert Plate Solid Copper
Outputs 1 x Stereo Pair 4, 8, 16 ohms
Recommended Speakers min 88dB
Width 53cm
Height 20cm
Depth 45cm
Weight 18kg
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat

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Classic Kit1, Kit1 10th – Triple C-Core output transformers