L3x Pre-Amplifier Triple C-Core


Pre-Amplifier with transformer coupling ( triple C core) , M2 Power Supply 6×5/ecl82

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Product Overview

Introducing our latest version L3x Line Pre-amplifier – Ideal for customers who want high end preamplification to drive their monoblocks or stereo Power amplifiers . We first introduced Transformer coupled Pre-amplification in the mid 2000’s – Our latest version has it ALL! Lets start with the M2 Power supply, 5687 line board which we supply gorgeous NOS 5687s with the kit. Our latest version triple C core transformers with Lugs ( for custom wiring) along with either an ALPS or KHOZMO or pot of your choosing! The unit has a staggering 10 ohms output impedence which means you can drive any style power or integrated amplifier as well as having Balanced output if you so desire.


We are suppling two versions of the kit; The first version is the L3 Line Signature which includes the triple  c cores and tantalum resistors and copper caps – The Power supply uses Takman non magnetic resistors and Mundorf Film caps .

Our second configuration use the AudioNote tantalum resistors and copper film caps on the M2 Power supply and we call it the L3x version

At the top of the pic below you can see the M2 power supply with Mains, Choke and M2 Board – A shield divides the two sections and on the bottom half you will see the 5687 line board and triple c core outut transformers – Silver RCA’s . ELMA selector switch and extension kit top of the unit


Triple C core output transformers

We have been custom manuafacturing our proprietary triple c core transformers in our own factory for over a decade now – along the way we have invested in new winding machines with computer control to ensure exacting specifications are met!


The 5687 Line stage is a classic AudioNote design – We supply high quality  NOS 5687s with the kit along with the AudioNote copper film caps and AudioNote Tantalum resistors in this signature version .

Below you can see the L3x version power supply withj upgraded resistors and capacitors


Gorgeous view below of the 5687  Line Stage and C core output transformers along with ELMA extension kit for short wiring lengths




Parts Compliment includes:

The standard version has the following:

  • ALPS pot/ Khozmo /TKD
  • Triple C-Core output transformers (RCA only, balanced output)
  • Audio Note Copper  Foil Film Signal Capacitors
  • Takman / AudioNote Tantalum Resistors(x)  (M2 Power Supply)
  • High Quality Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Elma Selector extension kit
  • ELMA Selector Switch
  • Audio Note AN-A Shielded cable
  • PTFE silver plated copper wire
  • Stainless Steel Metric Hardware
  • Steel Shield
  • Silver Plated RCA’s
  • M2 Power Supply (6X5/ECL82)
  • 5687 Line Board (Hardwired or PCB)

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L3 Phono V2, L3 Phono V2 Signature