DAC 5.1 Signature

DAC 5.1 Signature


Audiophile DAC 5.1 Signature with many advanced features including:

  • New digital board (SHUNT).
  • New super regulation board.
  • New large can I/V transformers.
  • New 12AU7 & ECC99 line stage.
  • Triple C-Core O/P Transformer.
  • New WE274B SHUNT power supply.
  • Dual mains transformers.
  • Mentor filament board.
  • Silver input cable.
  • Available as a DIY kit

Finished Product Option

We can offer this kit as an optional finished product (assembled) to USA customers only.
Your kit will be professionally build and tested before dispatch!

Delivery times for this option will be extended by 2 weeks.

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