L5 The Mentor 2.0 Line Triple C-Core Pre-amplifier

L5 The Mentor 2.0 Line Triple C-Core Pre-amplifier


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L5 Mentor is our highest level pre-amplifier with triple C-Core output transformer technology, shunt regulated power supply, either V-Cap or Audio Note Copper Capacitors (depending on availability) and Mundorf Evo on output board, Large Mains Transformer, 2 x Dual 4 Pole Chokes, Elna Silmic Electrolytics & Mundorf 35mm Mlytics in Power supply, Dual KHOZMO attenuators, ELMA Selector, Audio Note Tantalum resistors and Audio Note Silver RCA jacks.

If you prefer, we can supply the Mentor as professionally built factory assembled. Select the option on this page.


You can order your Mentor pre-amplifier by full payment, or with a 50% deposit. Select the option you prefer. We ship the amplifier in 4 weeks, and if you have selected the 50% deposit option, we will request the remaining balance via email prior to shipment.

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