Interstage Monoblock Power Amplifier

Reference quality, single ended 300B power amps (pair), using an interstage transformer.

$4,350.00 – $6,850.00

ANK Audio Kits - Kit1 300B Amplifier

Kit1 300B Integrated Amplifier

Classic 300B integrated amplifier – 8.5W of single ended 300B triode.

$2,450.00 – $3,500.00

Legend Monoblock 300B

Legend Monoblock 300B

The new Legend series: modestly priced, exceptional value & loaded with quality.

$3,500.00 – $3,750.00

ANK Audio Kits - Mentor 300B Stereo Power Amp

Mentor SET 300B/2a3 Power Amplifier

Stereo 300B Power Amplifier – ideal for mating with matching Mentor Pre-amplifier.

$2,750.00 – $4,100.00