ANK Dealers & Partners

Welcome to our Partners page! Here we list our amazing partners and dealers across the world who help us market , build and sell world-class ANK products and support customers

USA & Canada 

Please contact Brian Smith, ANK Director, for enquires on kits and professional builds for USA and Canada Europe and ROW- please see other dealers/partners on this page for specific geographic locations.

Email: Rogers Account or GMail Account for support and sales enquiries.

As of Feb 1 we are offering DIY kits and built units on the Canuck Audio Mart – Search “ANK”

Call: +1 (613) 869-0011 for text , mobile or whatsapp

Charney Audio (USA) (Speakers and 300B Systems)

Contact our friends at Charney Audio who design and build the very best high-end speakers ideal for 300B SET amplification. Charney Audio has combined that power and dynamic excitement with rich, delicate and accurate reproduction of tone and timbre, giving the listener the best and most satisfying seat in the house.  All this is achieved by the use of top quality materials, meticulous design and precision in construction, and the newest scientific approaches. 

+1 (732) 586 1108  

Our speakers are proudly made in the U.S.A.

United Kingdom 

Please contact Karl Anderson for enquires on built Level 4 and 5 ANkits for the UK market – Karl has a gorgeous system on display in the Birmingham area for audition with Mentor 300B PSE MonoBlocks, Mentor Pre-amplifier and L5 Phono (Mc) – please email Karl at  for enquiries on DIY kit or built units


Fatih Gudul, société basée en France à Lyon “L’audiophile Esoteric Audio” est le spécialiste des appareils ANK. Il conçoit des appareils électroniques pour la France et l’Europe.
Fatih est un électronicien passionné de Hi-Fi depuis son enfance. Il pourra construire vos appareils et l’adapter à votre système.
Il conçoit les appareils de manière exceptionnelle afin d’obtenir leur plus grand potentiel et ce, en défiant toute concurrence tout en faisant les bons choix pour une intégration parfaite dans la chaîne du signal de votre système.
Il dispose d’un auditorium à Lyon avec des électroniques ANK.
Vous pouvez le contacter par email :


Contact James Hunt for Canadian Builds of the ANK kits. James manages our Canuck Audio Build presence – please contact for official Canadian builds

ANK Audio Kits Canadian Authorised Builder and finshed-product seller

Your Canadian source for finished ANK product

+1 (226) 338-4720 (Texting preferred and available 9am to 9pm)

Contact if you would like to commission a special product build