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About Us

ANK Audio Kits – the world leader in high-end audiophile kits based on the Audio Note design philosophy.

Originally born out of Audio Note Uk in 2004 as the Audio Note Kit company, we worked closely with Audio Note to develop a wide range of product based on the Audio Note design philosophy and using Audio Note parts in the designs.

The goal was to create, not just a series of amps with different driver tubes, but rather a complete high end audio system that could be build from scratch. This would include amplification (integrated amps, pre-amps, and power amps), DACs, phono stages, and speakers!

We were established in 2004 and have sold over 3,000 kits and 500 finished products throughout the world since our inception.

Amongst our most popular kits are our Single Ended 300B amplifiers, R2R NOS 24/96 DACs, c core-based EL34, EL84 products, RIAA phono stages from entry-level to ultra high end, and our Level 5 Mentor pre and power amplification.

Interested in more information about our designs and the build process? Check out our build manuals – with over 3000 kits sold since 2004, all the designs are extremely mature and have been built hundreds of times. All that experience is fed back into the manuals to ensure the best build experience for you.

If you do not want to build the kit yourself, our new finished product division lets you purchase some of our key products already professionally built for you by our high-end craftsman!

Whether you are interested in a high-level system or an entry-level kit we have something for you.

ANK Audio Kit exampleANK Audio Kit example


We ship mainly with UPS as we get excellent world wide rates due to our volume and we pass on to our customer with our world wide flat rate shipping in most cases – we will send you a UPS tracking number prior to the shipment departing.

In some cases we can ship via the Canada Post service if requested and also with FED ex on special request.

We are experts at packing and typically will ship amplifier kits in two boxes with transformers in one and kit chassis , tubes and part bags in the other – we use styrofoam and air-foam and bits to ensure zero damage!

ANK AudioKits – Explore the product line!

Originally inside  AudioNote UK as the AudioNoteKit company focused on on a range of DIY audio kits including the famous Kit1 300B , Pre-amp and DAC1.1 kits. Today ANK AudioKits carries on the tradition with a complete line of AudioNote based high end audio kits available spanning 300B , EL34 , EL84 along with Phono , Dac, AN Speaker  and Pre-amp kits all based on the AudioNote philosophy.

We started the business in 2004 with a DAC1.1 a Kit1 300B, the Pre-Amp kit and AudioNote speaker kits with cabinets! Humble beginnings but it was the launching pad of things to come.

We started to realize that customers wanted complete 300B systems including products at several levels and price points! We started to develop the various lines in the level 2 and 3 and then moved to Monoblocks and stereo power amplifiers as well as integrated amplifiers.

Working with AudioNote engineering we explored the EL34 and EL84 lineages. We moved to extreme audio with our Level 4 and 5 product. We have spent most of the company focus on designing higher and higher level offerings, however recently we have developed a series of entry level 1 products.

For a potential customer to  embark on an audio kit journey, it’s probably a good idea  to educate yourself on the main company offerings. We basically have a level system from 1 to 5 along with products in the 300B SET and el34/el84 PP anplification, DAC, Phono, Pre-amplification and AudioNote speaker kits .Explore the major product areas below – Click on the PRODUCTS menu at top of page to dive into the actual products !

Systems / Package Deals

Please enquire directly with us at with regards to possible systems where you can take advantage of 15% discount on 2 or more kits.

Some popular ideas are:

  • L4 Mentor Pre-amp with EL34 Triple C-Core monoblocks – a 35W amplification system of the highest level
  • L4 EL34 Integrated amplifier with a DAC2.1 signature for an amazing digital system with power
  • Kit1 300B and L3 phono V22 for a vinyl SET system
  • Interstage monoblocks all C-Core with a Mentor L5 phono and DAC5.1
  • L1 EL84v2 integrated amplifier with an L1 Phono Stage

These are just a couple of examples of systems – please feel free to dream up your own and contact us!

ANK Audiokits Support

We are here to help you choose the right product for your music system, and also provide full support during and after your build. On receiving your new kit you will want to check the supplied parts against the parts inventory, and familiarise yourself with the various stages of the build process. The best way to do this is read the supplied manual at least once before commencing the build.

All our current products have all been successfully built by none professionals following our instruction manuals. Many of our kits can be built in 10-20 hours and we recommend splitting up the build process into 3 sections: 1) the power supply board and testing, 2) the digital or phono board (depending on the product type), 3) the output board and testing. Building our kits really is quite straight forward, but beware, it is very addictive!

We suggest you check out the MANUALS section on the website to view all the most up to date documentation on all the kits ! if there is anything you need that is not posted let us know and we will put it up on the Manuals site for you to download

During the construction of your kit please feel free to email us or send a whatsapp message
Email any questions to:
whatsapp  613 869 0011

or if you are planning to build a kit and have some questions please email – we are also here for support post build if you have questions – we work alot of hificollective in the UK and partsconnexion in canada for upgrade parts etc…feel free to check their inventories -we dont typically sell individual  parts or transformers – we focus on kits !


you can also check out our ANKAUDIOKits facebook page (ACCESSABLE FROM WEBSITE MAIN MENU)as well as our ANKAUDIOKITS group which you can join !

We are here to help you build the perfect audio component!

Brian Smith
Company Director