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ANK is the worlds leading supplier of build it yourself, high end, audiophile kits. We ship world wide and focus on a range of DACs, Pre-Amplifiers and Phono stages, along with 300B SET and EL34/EL84 pentode tube amplifiers in both monoblock and stereo configurations all based on the AudioNote design philosophy. Check out our Manuals and  Gallery before you decide to purchase


1/3/2021 March Update – Check out our new Product Price list in the PRODUCTS menu – we are offering some deals on our complete DAC and Phono stage Lines – please enquire!

Our Level 1 DAC1.1x and L1 Phono – both 6×4 based power supplies will be available April 1 – A perfect match to our L1 El84v2


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Our Audio Kits Explained

Welcome to the wonderful world of high end audio kits based on the AudioNote design philosophy !

Finished Products

Finished Products

Our  DAC4.1x Professional Edition is our new finished product that we are stocking for fast shipment – pre built with only the finest of components! A stunning piece of gear!

System bundles and discounts

Complete Systems

Many customers want complete systems – MonoBlocks and Pre-amplifier , a phono stage + EL34 amplifier – here are some suggestions and please enquire and save on a bundle deal!

Our Range

 300B ST Amplifiers

300B SET Amplifiers – from the Kit1 300B classic all the way up to ALL C core Interstage MonoBlocks

 EL 34 triple C core Monoblocks

EL34 Amplifiers – 35W & 70w Class AB , Monos & Integrated

 EL84 Prototype with Phono

EL84 Amplifiers – 15w Class AB integrated and with built in phono and C core options

 DAC 4.1X

DACs – 24/96 r2r DAC1.1x , 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1

 Phono L5 Signature

Phono Stages – standalone and EL84 integrated versions

 Pre-Amp Mentor Remote

Pre-Amplification including our Mentor Series

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