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Dac’s, Phono, Pre-Amps, 300B SET,  EL34 & EL84

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May 2023!  – We have some nice Professionally Built Inventory in stockDac4.1x and DAC5.1 ready to ship! You can also order on the shop with our 10% ank10 discount coupon this month to pick up some deals – Free shipping in USA 

You’ve come to the right place if you love ultra high end Audiophile kits using the worlds best components!  300B , EL34 , EL84 , Phono stages , Dacs, and pre-amplifiers – we do it all! also enquire about our finished products and build service!  DIYers check out our online MANUALS ! – Our 19th year of business – thanks for all the support over the years as we have built up this incredible Audiophile product line ( 300B EL34 EL84 Phono DAC Pre)  for DIY and some popular finished products – Check out our new     2023 Product Guide      outlining the latest product additions- we have added some new products and new options for this year! We are moving to gorgeous silver faceplates for our finished products and our Level 5 Products DIY along with QUAD HIB ccores for our EL84, EL34 , Pre and DAC product lines !  We are moving to a multi currency website this year so we will sell be able to sell in USD , CDN , Euro, GBP  so you wont be reliant on exchange rates! We will keep updating the website and Facebook ANK AudioKits Group !

ANK is the worlds leading supplier of build-it-yourself, high end, audiophile kits for two channel tube audio.

Our History :Born out of AudioNote UK as the Kit company ( audionotekits) in 2004 we have continued to deliver and develop ultra high quality Audio kits and some finished products to the Hifi community.  We ship world wide and focus on a range of DACs ( L1 L2 L3 L4 L5) , Pre-Amplifiers and Phono stages ( L1 L3 L5) , along with 300B SET and EL34/EL84 pentode tube amplifiers in both Monoblock and stereo configurations .  We are offering a complete line of ANK products and systems in all areas of two channel audio! Check out our Manuals and  Gallery pages before you decide to purchase. Also, check out our FaceBook page with tons of product development pics and kits

 – Check out our new DAC1.1x in the smaller chassis footprint , our DAC2.1 Signature ( top seller!) and our DAC4.1 and DAC4.1x Professional Edition and the ultimate DAC5.1    – Enquire at 

Dac 2.1 Professional Edition

Dac 4.1 Professional Edition

Dac 5.1 Professional Edition

300B SET Amplifiers

Interstage MonoBlocks 300B 15w

Mentor Remote Pre-Amp

L1 Series Dac, Phono, EL84

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ANK Overview – DIY kits, Systems, Finished Products 

How do our Audio Kits work?

ANK Product Line at a Glance

Welcome to the wonderful world of high end audio kits based on the AudioNote design philosophy !

Finished Products

NEW! Finished Products

Our  DAC4.1x Professional Edition is our FIRST finished product that we are stocking for fast shipment – pre built with only the finest of components! A stunning piece of gear!

System bundles and discounts

Complete ANK Systems

Many customers want complete systems – MonoBlocks and Pre-amplifier , a phono stage + EL34 amplifier – here are some suggestions and please enquire and save on a bundle deal!

 300B ST Amplifiers

300B SET Amplifiers – from the Kit1 300B classic all the way up to ALL C core Interstage MonoBlocks

 EL 34 triple C core Monoblocks

EL34 Amplifiers – 35W & 70w Class AB , Monos & Integrated

 EL84 Prototype with Phono

EL84 Amplifiers – 15w Class AB integrated and with built in phono and C core options

 DAC 4.1X

DACs – 24/96 r2r DAC1.1x , 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1

 Phono L5 Signature

Phono Stages – standalone and EL84 integrated versions

 Pre-Amp Mentor Remote

Pre-Amplification including our Mentor Series