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Originally inside  AudioNote UK as the AudioNoteKit company focused on on a range of DIY audio kits including the famous Kit1 300B , Pre-amp and DAC1.1 kits. Today ANK AudioKits carries on the tradition with a complete line of AudioNote based high end audio kits available spanning 300B , EL34 , EL84 along with Phono , Dac, AN Speaker  and Pre-amp kits all based on the AudioNote philosophy.

We started the business in 2004 with a DAC1.1 a Kit1 300B, the Pre-Amp kit and AudioNote speaker kits with cabinets! Humble beginnings but it was the launching pad of things to come.

We started to realize that customers wanted complete 300B systems including products at several levels and price points! We started to develop the various lines in the level 2 and 3 and then moved to Monoblocks and stereo power amplifiers as well as integrated amplifiers.

Working with AudioNote engineering we explored the EL34 and EL84 lineages. We moved to extreme audio with our Level 4 and 5 product. We have spent most of the company focus on designing higher and higher level offerings, however recently we have developed a series of entry level 1 products.

For a potential customer to  embark on an audio kit journey, it’s probably a good idea  to educate yourself on the main company offerings. We basically have a level system from 1 to 5 along with products in the 300B SET and el34/el84 PP anplification, DAC, Phono, Pre-amplification and AudioNote speaker kits .Explore the major product areas below – Click on the PRODUCTS menu at top of page to dive into the actual products !

300B Kit1 Kit1-10, Mentor SET , Interstage Monos, Legend Monos

EL300B 2A3

Dac’s R2r 16/44   24/96 (Dac1.1x, Dac2.1, Dac4.1,Dac5.1)


Phono Stages RIAA (L1 Phono-6×4,L3 phonov2, L4 Phono, L5 Phono 


Pre-Amplification L3 Ccore Pre, L4 Mentor , L5 mentor 


EL84 Class AB 15w  L1 EL84v2, L4 EL84 C core , proOTOtype EL84+RIAA

L4 EL84 prOTOtype Phono Integrated Amp

EL34 Amplification L4 EL34i, EL34 Mono’s, 70W Monos

DAC4.1x Professional Edition ( Finished product ) More announcements coming …..

ANK Audio Kits DAC 4.1 Pro Build Limited Edition Triple C-Core