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About Us

ANK Audio Kits – the world leader in high-end audiophile kits based on the Audio Note design philosophy.

Originally born out of Audio Note Uk in 2004 as the Audio Note Kit company, we worked closely with Audio Note to develop a wide range of product based on the Audio Note design philosophy and using Audio Note parts in the designs.

The goal was to create, not just a series of amps with different driver tubes, but rather a complete high end audio system that could be build from scratch. This would include amplification (integrated amps, pre-amps, and power amps), DACs, phono stages, and speakers!

We were established in 2004 and have sold over 3,000 kits and 500 finished products throughout the world since our inception.

Amongst our most popular kits are our Single Ended 300B amplifiers, R2R NOS 24/96 DACs, c core-based EL34, EL84 products, RIAA phono stages from entry-level to ultra high end, and our Level 5 Mentor pre and power amplification.

Interested in more information about our designs and the build process? Check out our build manuals – with over 3000 kits sold since 2004, all the designs are extremely mature and have been built hundreds of times. All that experience is fed back into the manuals to ensure the best build experience for you.

If you do not want to build the kit yourself, our new finished product division lets you purchase some of our key products already professionally built for you by our high-end craftsman!

Whether you are interested in a high-level system or an entry-level kit we have something for you.

ANK Audio Kit exampleANK Audio Kit example