AAA Speaker 03 Kit

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Built, tested and calibrated crossover with matched silver voice coil tweeter and new 98dB efficient hemp cone woofer also with silver voice coil. AN-E cabinet drawings and port tube.

The Speaker Kit 03 is based around the 98 dB efficient silver coil drivers.

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The Mentor will change the way you listen to music. The detail, the sensitivity, it has to be experienced to be believed.

Brian Smith

The famous Mentor pre-amplifier was first introduced in 2015 as an L5 analog version – since then we have come out with an L4 version and a remote control option, along with our Professional Edition built.

The L5 version has the dual rectifiers, AudioNote Tantalums, and dual mono pots – both use the mentor power supply technology with dual 4 pole chokes and dual 4 pole power supply caps along with triple C-Core transformers.

Next generation technology – Our ultimate pre-amplifier

Our next generation pre-amplifier architecture is now available with the release of the Level 5 Mentor Line pre-amplifier. Based on our proprietary power supply design technology which incorporates Dual 5U4G Rectifiers, Dual 4 pole Chokes and Large Mains Transformer more commonly found In power amplifiers. This SHUNT regulated design delivers instantaneous current to the driver stage in response to the ever changing demands of the audio signal.

The Mentor uses 2 x Triple C-Core output transformers for maximum signal energy transfer and the ability to handle long interconnection runs. The result is outrageous dynamics, subtleties and sensitivity delivered to the power amplifier. With the Mentor your beloved power amplifier & speaker investment will finally be realized. Couple the Mentor with one of our top of the line monoblock amplifiers such as the Legend or Interstage C-Core Monoblocks or the EL34 C-Core Power Monoblocks and you will experience unparalleled musical involvement.

6SN7 input & ECC99 driver stage

The Driver stage employs the popular 6SN7 input stage followed by an ECC99 to drive the C-Core output transformers. Employing Audio Note 1W tantalum resistors, ELNA Silmic Electrolytics and Audio Note or V-Cap coupling capacitors, the parts are top of the line for this L5 series Pre-amplifier.

An ELMA selector and extension kit are used to allow very short wire runs from the input RCAs to the output board.

The filament section has a separate board with individual heaters for each line stage tube.

EL300B 2A3
ANK Audio Kits DAC 4.1 Pro Build Limited Edition Triple C-Core

The magic behind the Mentor

The Level 5 power supply is the magic behind the Mentor. It’s our recently developed and highest level power supply specification with over specified Mains, Dual 4 pole chokes & 2 x 5U4G Tube Rectification, 35mm Mundorf Mlytic Power Supply Capacitors and SHUNT regulation. SHUNT regulation provides an additional reservoir of current (30ma) to be running from B+ at all times separate from the standard current draw of the line stage. Thus when music makes quick changes and demands instantaneous current addition, this additional current will come from the SHUNT resistor mounted on the chassis.

KHOZMO 48 step attenuator

We supply the L5 pre-amplifier with this top quality attenuator that ensures there is absolutely minimal losses in the signal path. With a long life in excess of 50,000 cycles they are a perfect match for the L5 pre-amplifier.

  • SHUNT type: Only two resistors in signal path
  • Switching type: MBB (Make Before Break)
  • Attenuation range: -60 dB – 0 dB
  • Attenuation per step: steps 1 to 11 – 2dB, 12 to 48 – 1dB
  • Contact material: Hard gold Polished wiper and contact pins
  • Extremely short signal path Channel matching: +/-0.1 dB
  • Resistors: Vishay/Dale RN55 1% 100ppm , 1/8W, low noise, non-inductive, metal film
  • Precision ball bearing support


Output Tubes 1 x 6SN7 Electro Harmonix & 1 x ECC99 JJ
Rectifier Tube 2 x 5U4GB
Inputs 4 x Stereo Pair RCA
Outputs 1 x Stereo Pair RCA or Balanced O/P via XLR connectors to a Power Amplifier
PCBs Sturdy PCBs with 2oz copper trace and thick grounding/ HT traces
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Sandtex
Width 43cm
Height (inc feet) 20.3cm
Depth 44.5cm
Weight 17.6kg

Parts Compliment includes:

  • Large Mains Transformer
  • 2 x Dual 4 Pole Chokes
  • Triple C-Core Output Transformers
  • Audio Note 1W Tantalum Resistors
  • Audio Note Copper film caps or V-CAPs
    (dependent on availability)
  • Elna Silmic Electrolytics & Mundorf 35mm Mlytics in Power supply
  • Dual KHOZMO attenuators
  • ELMA Selector
  • Audio Note Silver RCA jacks