DAC 2.1 Signature Professional Edition


Audiophile quality. Uses R-2R conversion, 6922 line stage, IV transformers & M2 Power Supply.

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DAC2.1 Professional Edition

Introducing the popular Dac2.1 Signature now as a Finished product Our most successful product the DAC2.1 standard and DAC2.1 Signature – In the signature version we use the AudioNote tantalums and AudioNote copper film caps on the out put 6922 stage – on the standard version we use the non magnetic tantalums and AudioNote tin film ( which are gorgeous sounding) . Two excellent versions – the digital board comes professionally assembled – the 2.1 offers a gorgeous analog feel to your digital stream! Comprised of the  tube rectified and regulated power supply , IV transformers to handle the delicate transition of the analog chip output signal over to the lIne stage – This resistor ladder dac provides a true representation of your digital information in analog form!


DAC 2.1 features include:

  • Pre-assembled Digital DAC board with Toroidal Input Transformers and Elna Cerafine capacitors.
  • M2 Power Supply uses high quality RubyCon Electrolytics and Mundorf MLytic Electrolytic Capacitors.
  • 6922 Driver Board with Takman Film Resistors or AudioNote Tantalum Resistors(Signature version), Elna Cerafine Capacitors and Audio Note Tin Foil Bypass Caps.
  • Support for standard 75 ohm RCA (SPDIF) and 110 ohm AES/EBU.
  • RCA Output.
  • Optional USB input board.

The DAC 2.1 boasts numerous features and supports up to 24/96khz sampling and data widths. The DAC has the M2 tube rectified and regulated power supply for ultimate smoothness. To complete the pure digital to analog design of the DAC 2.1 the digital board has no analog filtering (analog filtering has been totally removed). Sound reproduction with no digital artifacts and smooth as velvet output is realised in the DAC 2.1. Even though the Dac 2.1 is our entry priced DAC it hits well above it’s price point and is a true audiophile DAC in it’s own right. It is also a great investment as it can later be upgraded to the DAC 4.1.

Audio Note M-2 Power (3)

R-2R v Delta-Sigma – Things to be aware of when choosing an audiophile level DAC

Using the Audio Note DAC strategy calls for a Resistor Ladder DAC architecture as opposed to the more common Delta-Sigma computer processing style DAC. Delta-Sigma DACs and R-2R resistor ladder DACs are quite different. Rather than using feedback loops and high frequency oversampling clocks to produce an ‘approximation’ of the digital data as Delta-Sigma types, an R-2R DAC will turn on each required bit in the digital ‘word’ and the exact amount of current will flow from the chip to reconstruct the analog waveform. The method is perfect in its simplicity and is reflected in the sound quality.

I/V transformers

Our I/V transformers were specially designed by Audio Note Engineering to provide an affordable yet highly effective transformer for the DAC 4.1. I/V Transformers are used to maximize the energy transfer during the Current-to-Voltage phase of the conversion resulting in increased dynamics.


6922 Output Board

The 6922 output board has Takman non-magnetic film resistors and Audio Note Tin Foil Capacitors. An efficient and effective line stage to compliment the digital and power supply sections of the DAC 2.1.

There are many 6922 tubes available, many being classic 50’s new old stock. The line stage sounds very undigital and has a lovely natural sound.

Tube rectified & tube regulated M2 power supply

The M2 power supply in the DAC 4.1 is an enhanced PCB version of the original M2 power supply taken from Audio Note UK’s finished products line. It uses a mains transformer and choke combination with a 6X5 for tube rectification and an ECL82 for regulation. This latest version uses vertical heatsinks, Mundorf MLytic capacitors, Rubycon electrolytics and TAKMAN 1W resistors. In addition we have a dedicated digital power supply PCB to ensure the sensitive digital circuits are fed with a smooth and quiet power supply.



Output Tubes 2 x 6922
Rectification Tube ECL82
Rectifier Tube 6X5
Inputs (any 2 switchable) 1. Standard 75 Ohm RCA (S/PDIF)
2. 110 Ohm AES/EBU
3. USB (optional board)
Outputs Single Ended Stereo RCAs
Output level 2.0V RMS both channels
Impedance 1.3K
Width 38.1 cm
Height 14.6 cm
Depth 40.6 cm
Weight 11 Kilos
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat

Parts Compliment includes:

  • 2 x I/V Transformers
  • Torriodal Digital Transformer
  • Digital PCB (pre-assembled)
  • Takman 1W Resistors (power supply PCB)
  • Takman Non-magnetic Metal Film Resistors
  • Audio Note Tin /Mylar foil Caps *
  • Audio Note Copper Caps (Signature Version)
  • Elna Cerafine Bypass Caps (output PCB)
  • Mundorf MLytic Caps in Power supply
  • PTFE Silver Plated Hookup Wire
  • Audio Note Silver RCA’s

*Enquire if you prefer Audio Note Copper caps.

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USB and SPDIF inputs switchable


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