DAC4.1x Professional Edition


New stunning DAC4.1x Professional Edition is our hand crafted finished product with all the highest level signature parts throughout including non-magnetic tantalums , Kasaiis and AudioNote copper films! We keep this unit ns stock for fast shipment!

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For close to the ultimate in affordable DAC extravagance! The new DAC4.1x Professional Edition ( finished product) of the all signature DAC4.1x. We took our very popular DAC4.1 and added all the possible AudioNote signature parts along with a gorgeous Silver faceplate- We try to keep this unit in stock and we usually have a few in hand for next day shipping – the kit takes about 3 days to build by hand by our expert craftsman!  Lets start with the over view of the entire kit

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All the finest AudioNote components in the 4.1x professional edition – Check out our DIY version in the shop also! AudioNote Non magnetic tantalum resistors along with Kasaii electrolytics ( non polar) , AUdioNote copper film caps – Triple  C core transformers , Charcroft Caps on the digital board – truly the kitchen sink of signature components!


Hi ANK,  the DAC arrived today…  Absolutely Stunning !   I am a qualified Electronics Technician [3ys full-time at college]  and the build quality is so good it took my breath away ––  it’s a work of Art !   -Ted Martin 

A stunning Aluminum Faceplate for this finished product DAC with SPDIF and USB – The feature set is HUGE – Let start with the power supply – we use the M2 6×5, ecl82 tube rectified and tube regulated Power supply but we put in the finest components – the AudioNote 1W tantalums throughout along with the 2 Audionote copper film caps .22 and .47 for the ultimate power supply!


Below you can see  the Signature DAC digital board with AudioNote  tantalum resistors – this board is professionally built and tested and designed with the AudioNote r2r digital to analog strategy



IV transformers are a proprietary AudioNote design where the very delicate analog  current signal that comes out of the AD1865 chip is run through a high quality audionote resistor to create a voltage representing the Audio signal – this signal is then transferred through a 1:1 ( I/V ) transformer which allows this ultra delicate signal to land on the line stage fully intact – ready for amplifiation! The IV transformers are housed in a special MU Metal can!


Once past the IV transformers the audio signal is amplified in the output tube stage which comprises of a 12au7 input tube and an ECC99 output stage ( DAC5.1 output board) the board uses the expensive audionote Non magnetic tantalum resistors along with the AudioNote copper film caps!

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The final part of the output stage is our custom triple C core output transformers for manimum audio performance!  – specially wound on a computer controlled machine for exacting specifications and tensions – the results are awe inspiring for music lovers!

Specification Block

Output tubes: 12au7 / ecc99

Power Supply 6×5, ecl82 tube AudioNote tantalum 1W resistors AN copper film

Line stage – AudioNote non magnetic 1W resistors and AudioNote copper film

DAC Board CS8414 receiver , AD1865 analog conversion

IV transformers with nickel core laminations



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