EL34 Integrated Ccore (option)


35W per channel, class AB amplifier. Ecf80 driver per channel, 12au7 Buffer board.

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The EL34 stereo amplifier is available as either:

  • An integrated stereo amplifier with the additional 12au7 buffer board, volume pot and selector switch.
  • The pure EL34 35w  stereo power amplifier version which is just the main EL34 Board  with driver ecf80 and power supply , with no pots or selector switch and a flat front faceplate

Initial thoughts

This EL34 amplifier has evolved over the years to a stunning piece of kit – The amazing thing is that the amp is absolutely dead quiet for a very powerful 35-40watts. The serious Mains transformer and Mundorf cap Power Supply results in a strong supply voltage  We have AC heaters on the EL34’s – the end result is a very power ful and every emotional amplifier that can bring out the slightest details or pack a serious punch! an incredibly versatile amp for either higher efficiency speakers or mid 80db versions that need some kick from their amp! Lots of tube and capacitor upgrade potential for the DIY to make this their main amplifier for years to come!


Our EL34 Amplifier is a 35W class AB stereo amplifier available as either an integrated amplifier with a built in 12au7 preamp section or a pure power amplifier with 2x el34 per channel and a single ECF80 driver per channel – the unit is dead quiet due to the excellent grounding strategy and custom designed pcb which lays out all the exact trace lengths – in these feedback high gain amplfiers the trace lengths are a critical part of the circuitry. The result is such that a DIYer can build the unit and get a perfectly performing unit if they follow the instructions! The unit is available with C core output transformers and our custom designed EI core tx!

Lets start by taking a look at the large main  PCB which houses the 4 x EL34 along with the 2 x ecf80 driver tubes! The 3mm Printed Circuit Board  has been designed such that all the traces are the exact required lengths to ensure perfect operation! just install all the parts and you will have a perfect sounding EL34 amplifier !


Here you can see the board installed in the chassis once completed! you have a choice of AudioNote Copper film caps , tim film caps or Mundorf silver gold oil- all excellent audio caps

The EL34 35W stereo amplifier from ANK Audiokits provides some of the finest EL34 amplification available today. It comes in 4 versions as either integrated or power versions. The custom designed and manufactured EL34 IE-Core output transformers or our impressive double C-Cores are at the heart of the system extending the quality of the entire audio spectrum to extraordinary levels. We have packaged the kit options at a very reasonable price to allow users to experience the wonderful aspects of the EL34 tube.
The EL34 IE-Core has been carefully designed to leverage the best possible sound using more traditional transformers. As you can see in the photo transformers, and this amplifier has serious mains and choke performance.

The Pre-amplifier Section

To provide either an integrated or power amplifier option we designed a 12AU7 pre-amplifier section to then drive the EL34/ECF80 power amplifier stage. The board is installed on the inside front of the chassis. This ultra quiet tube stage adds the desired gain for an ideal integrated amplifier and is ultra quiet. You can experiment with the many 12AU7’s available to get different characteristics to your overall sound.
The pre-amplifer version also comes with an Elna selector and extension kit which ensures minimal signal paths.

The Power Supply Section

THe Power Supply consists of a Large Mains we call the T-190 . The IEC rocker switch uses a PCB mounted at the rear of the chassis to make it a breeze to wire up for 120 or 240v operation and switch back and forth if necessary. A large Choke called the CH-100W is used along with our Power Supply PCB housing a pair of Mundorf electrolytics – a 220uf 4 pole cap and a 30Uf Film cap

The power supply deliver the goods for the EL34 crcuitry


C Core Output Transformers

Check out our gorgeous large Double C core transformers for EL34 4 and 8 ohm taps! – For customers looking for that unattainable upgrade the ccore will bring home the goods-  custom made in our own factory – Extended highs mids and deep bass with unparalleled accuracy



C cores installed in the chassis and ready for wiring – our C cores use lugs and we supply silver plated copper PTFE wire but you can choose your own wire for sonic testing such as OCC copper or OCC silver for staggering results!

20201118_151508_resized (1)

A C core version amplifier in development on the final stages!


Output Tubes 4 x Shugang EL34
Driver Tube ECF80
Pre-amplifier Tubes 1 x 12AU7
Inputs 3 x Pair RCAs
Outputs  2 x Stereo Pair Binding Posts
Output impedance Suitable for 4 -8- 16 ohm speakers
Width 38.1 cm
Height 14.6 cm
Depth 40.6 cm
Weight 22 Kilos
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat

Our excellent on line manuals , schematics and wiring graphics will guide you step by step through the build process – with many successful builds completed you will be able to follow the instructions and create a work of art!

Parts Compliment includes:

  • 2x Double C-Core Output Transformers*
  • Large T-190 Mains Transformer
  • CH-100W Choke
  • 2 x IE-Core Output Transformers**
  • Mundorf M-LYTIC Power Supply cap
  • TAKMAN 1W ,etal film  Resistors
  • Mundorf Silver Gold Oil Film Caps/ AN copper film
  • Elna Cerafine Caps
  • ALPS 100K Blue Velvet
  • PTFE Silver Plated Hookup Wire
  • Audio Note AN-A Signal Connection
  • Audio Note Silver RCA’s
  • Silver Plated PTFE wire

* C-Core Versions
** IE-Core Versions

Additional information

EL34 Amplifier

Integrated Amplifier with EI Core, Integrated Amplifier with upgraded C-Core output transformers, Power Amplifier with EI Core, Power Amplifier with upgraded C-Core output transformers