EL34 Monoblocks – the Artiste (Pair)


Ultimate EL34 Triple C core MonoBlocks 35w per channel CLASS AB

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ANK Audiokits is pleased to announce our highest level EL34 amplification product – the EL34 Artiste Triple C-Core Monoblocks 40W per channel. The MonoBlocks support dual EL34 tubes and a single ECF80 driver on each channel along with 2 large AudioNote copper film caps! the PCB is a thick 3mm 2oz copper trace and the traces are designed for perfect harmonic reproduction!



We developed our first EL34 stereo integrated delivering 35W class AB power in 2010  – it was a very popular product and we decided to make a MonoBlock version of the design – So we developed a new chassis for the MonoBlocks and added a tube rectified power supply with dual 5u4g tubes! the results were stunning ! Each channel having a decicated power supply with huge mains and choke!

Lets start with the power supply – a Massive mains transformer the T-190 which supplies all the current to the power supply and the circuits! A huge Choke 100W in combination with the Mains delivers the AC to the Power SUpply Board – this board consists of two very high quality Mundorf MLytic power supply caps – a 220uf 4 pole cap and a 30U film cap at the input of the rectifier tube ! the results are amazing


The Power SUpply also consists of dual 5u4G rectifier tubes in order to supply more than enough current for sudden demands by the audio circuit!  The transformer pulls 6A continuously out of the wall to supply each block and thus size matters!


The EL34 Monoblocks were designed to see how far up the chain we could go with a pair of gorgeous EL34’s – A serious tube recitified power supply along with TRIPLE C CORE outputs – AudioNote copper film caps – CHassis mounted CATHODE resistors – the ULTIMATE DIY el34 kit !


We use ultra high quality 3 mm thick PCBs and 2oz copper trace for ultimate audiophile quality.

Our PCBs are expertly designed with all signal and chassis grounding implemented with Cathode and HT test points guaranteeing a perfectly working amplifier even for a beginner builder.


Power 40 Watts Class AB
Transformers Triple C-Cores and IE-Cores
Output Tubes 2 x Shuguang EL34
1st Stage Gain 1 x ECF80
Rectifier Tube Dual 5u4g rectification
Front Faceplate Black Perspex
Inputs 2 RCA inputs
Outputs 1 x Stereo Pair 4, 8, 16 ohms
Recommended Speakers from 86dB
Width 26.6 cm
Height 17.8 cm
Depth 39.4 cm
Weight 18 Kilos
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat

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Parts Compliment includes:

  • 3mm aluminum monoblock chassis ( large EAR feet)
  • Stainless Steel Metric hardware and 3mm 2oz pcb’s
  • Triple C-Core output transformers with Lugs for OCC copper/silver
  • Takman non magnetic metal film Resistors
  • Mundorf’s Myltic FILM Power Supply Caps
  • Audio Note Copper Film Caps x 2
  • PTFE Copper Hookup Wire ( 18 & 22awg silver plated copper)
  • Elna Cerafine & Panasonic FC Signal Electrolytics
  • Shuguang EL34 Tubes
  • Audio Note Speaker Posts & silver RCA’s
  • PTFE Silver Plated Stranded Copper Wire
  • Dual 5U4G Rectifier*


*Dependent on chosen configuration.