L1 EL84 V2 Integrated Amplifier


L1 Series EL84 V2 integrated amplifier 17 watt with input selector.

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We  have always wanted to introduce a top quality integrated amplifier kit with the gorgeous EL84 pentode that is easy to build for the first timer, affordable and an ultimate audiophile experience! We succeeded! – After many years of thought and development the new low cost L1 EL84 Integrated is a reality.

Brian Smith: ANK Audiokits

The L1 EL84v2 first went into development around 2010 when we had a contract to supply a low cost entry level EL84 integrated that would pack a punch. The circuit used a single PCB with all the traces designed for a perfectly optimized sound, taking trace lengths into account for this class AB feedback amplifier. The driver is a single ECF80 for each channel and we use Takman non-magnetic resistors throughout, along with Mundorf Silver-Gold-Oil film caps to ensure you will have an amazing audio experience.

The transformers are custom made in our factory – a large mains and special choke finish the package. The chassis has been through several revisions based on feedback and we are happy to say the mechanicals are perfect on this kit!

A great first kit into valve amplification, and an amazing amplifier for bed rooms or small rooms. It works great with streaming digital or YouTube or even vinyl. The kit packs a 15W punch and you will love your investment!


C-Core Upgraded Version

For those who love C-Core output transformers to further extend the highs and lows, you can order the L1 EL84v2 Triple C-Core version to take your kit to the ultimate audiophile level!


Power 15 Watts per channel
Amplifier Class AB1
Inputs 3 stereo inputs (line level)
Outputs 6 ohms
Width 28cm
Height 11.5cm
Depth 33cm
Weight 8.5kg

Parts Compliment includes:

  • Takman nonMagentic 1w and 1/2W
  • Mundorf  Silver Gold Oil Film capacitors

Additional information

L1 EL84 V2

Standard, Upgraded C-Core output transformers