L4 EL84 Integrated C core – New!


Level 4 EL84 Integrated amp with tube rectification and 6n6p/12at7 driver stage.

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ATTENTION : EL84 Lovers!  With the continued success and feedback from customers on our popular L1 EL84v2 we decided to take the EL84 up to Level 4 with Triple c cores , tube rectification and signature AUdioNote parts!

Spectacular new product release L4 EL84 integrated Amplifier with some amazing features  – Here we have new 5AR4 tube rectification , a dynamic 12at7, 6n6p driver stage – Triple C core transformers , 15w of class AB EL84 warmth! dead quiet and tons of dynamics for EL84 lovers~! Heres the complete list of new features

  • 5ar4 Tube rectification
  • New 12at7/6n6p driver circuit
  • 4 x EL84 with test points on Cathodes
  • Screen Regulation
  • Triple C core output transformers with 6ohm
  • Takman Non Magnetic Resistors ( or AudioNote Upgrade set)
  • AudioNote Copper FIlm caps x 4
  • Large Mains transformer for ultimate dynamics
  • Dyna Choke

The overall results are an extreme audiophile version of our popular L1 EL84v2 – This amp is for the BIG AudioPhile room – Also no problem using as a PURE power amp with no selector or volume control and having a Power Faceplate which we can supply on request!


This new EL84 integrated product is based on last years release of the EL84 prOTOtype with built in phono stage! Here they are side by side

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