Headphone C core EL84 Amplifier “Virtuoso”


CLASS A Headphone Amplifier 11W Triple C core , Dual Rectified



ANK is pleased to announce our long awaited Headphone Amplifier! We took advantage of our EL84 and C core technology along with dual tube rectification to develop a stunning and powerful (11w classA) all tube Headphone amplifier that could drive the toughest headphones with ease!  Our Triple c core technology has a 50Ohm tap on it suitable for a wide range of phones


Triple C-core Technology

The design is based on our popular L1 EL84v2 amplifier which utilizes 4 x EL84 tubes along with a pair of ECF80 drivers . The Triple C core transformers drive the dual  headphone jacks located at the front of the unit


Power Supply PCB

Let take a look at the Power Supply – We start with a large Mains transformer more commonly found in power amplifiers – Then we use our CH-40W ( choke) that we use for Tube rectified circuits as found in our EL34 monos –

The Power Supply PCB is our dual 5ar4 tube rectified with dual 30uf Mundorf film capacitors .This provides the HT voltage required for the EL84 circuitry – the Filaments for the EL84 are all DC in order to ensure ultra quiet operation



The Main EL84 PCB is also used in our popular L1 EL84v2 amplifier but with a few modifications to make it pure CLASS A and DC heated filaments – also the interface to the custom headphone C core output transformers is also unique

DSC_0524_01 (2)

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4 x EL84 Tubes

CLASS A 11W per channel

50 ohm impedence output transformers

ECF80 driver tubes

2 x 5ar4 Tubes for Power Supply Rectification

Resistors – TAKMAN non magnetic

Film capacitors : Mundorf SILVER GOLD OIL