Kit1-15 300B Integrated Amplifier


Kit1 15 300B integrated amplifier -Ultimate all AudioNote Version Kit1

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Kit1-15 (our ultimate Kit1 experience)

For years and from many customer requests we have been asked to create the Ultimate all AudioNote Kit1 – With our 15th anniversary we thought it was time to create the ultimate Kit1 taking advantage of all the latest AudioNote parts have been developed in the last decade including Kasaii Electrolytics, NonMagnetic and Tantalum Resistors, Copper film capacitors , white  teflon valve bases and our new massive  Quad C core Transformers for single 300B

    “The Kit-15 is absolutely stunning and incredible. Extremely detailed utterly quiet, deep soundstage, and wonderful instrumental timbre and tone. I am extremely impressed by the clarity, detail, and musicality. Music is effortless and without fatigue.”  – David Cohen

The kit is divided into several sections including the Power Supply PCB, the Driver PCB, the Filament PCB and the 300B hardwiring section. Also you will install the Mains transformer and hook up the IEC /rocker switch section.

We upgraded to a thick 3mm aluminum chassis, enhanced the filament heat sinks , added Bakelite valve bases , a new faceplate, elma selector switch , Takman non magnetic  Resistors , silver gold oil film caps and a gorgeous copper insert plate are some of the many enhancements.

AudioNote Copper Film caps, Quad Ccore for single 300B

The mechanical aspects of the kit are gorgeous – silver RCA’s ELMA selector switch , GoldPoint attenuator.– Copper insert plates , Stainless steel metric hardware throughout – its the same classic kit1 designed in the mid 90s at audionote but we have improved all aspects of the kit building quality and experience!


Kit1 Design – 6SN7 > 5687 > 300B 

The Kit1 circuit has not changed since the 90s , a testament to the integrity of the original design. But we have continually improved the kit building mechanics , and parts quality at every turn – along with a continuous developement of the manuals – SEE bottom of page for downloadable manual and wiring graphics .  It’s layout is beautifully simple with 3 PCBs containing top quality components. Signal paths are kept to the absolute minimum and the boards layout has been designed for ease of assembly and soldering.


QUAD  C-Cores – the impact of the transformer

Check out our newly custom developed QUAD  C-Core Output Transformer for  single 300B  supplied with the Kit1-15 . These transformers are manufactured to exacting specifications allowing us to take the Kit1-15 to unparalleled heights for 300b fanatics.
Increased definition, authority and high end information allow piano and vocals to strike right in the heart! The already amazing single ended sonics of the Kit1-15  matched with the Quad C-Core output transformers and AudioNote signature parts  provide an audiophile experience reserved for but a few!


Kit1-15 Signature Parts List !

We use AudioNote Tantalum 1W resistors on the Power Supply Board – NonMagnetic 1W and 1/2W on the Driver board ( 6sn7 5687) as well as AudioNote Copper film caps on the driver . Kasaii electrolytics are used on the 300B section and we use our new massive Quad C cores for single 300B! We have a new even Larger Mains transformer called the T-199F and an improved CHOKE 170 over the classic Kit1 – add in the Teflon valve bases and this kit is out of this world of 300B AudioNote lovers!

How does it sound ?

The kit1-15 is the classic single Ended 300B zero feedback design but with a few interesting design strategies . First of all a very large Mains transformer  takes care of delivering the current for this thirsty amp – then again we are powering a 5u4g rectifier , 2 x 5687 drivers , a 6sn7 and of course a pair of 300Bs – this amp can run hot were it not for  the large Mains that can handle the task – Next a large choke designed specifically for 300B is mounted on the front of the chassis right next to the rectifier Board – the 6sn7 acts as a pre-amp driver stage and really adds a magical element to the kit1 sound followed by the Volume attenuator – an interesting design strategy that keeps the input impedence of the amp fixed ! – the next stage is a pair of 5687s driver tubes that are basically at unity gain but providing a strong current supply to drive the audio signal into the 300Bs – Of course massive output transformers bring it all together and the result is a jaw dropping single ended 300B experience that you will spend many evenings enjoying!

Customer Feedback …….

“Just wanted to let you know that the Kit15 is incredible. Extremely detailed utterly quiet, deep soundstage, and wonderful instrumental timbre and tone. I’ve never had an SET 300B system but I certainly now understand the why so many audiophiles are smitten by the effortless musicality. I hope you get a chance to hear what you have created and how it compares to the original. I am totally delighted and want to thank you for making this work”


Power 8 Watts Class A
Output Tubes 2 x 300B
1st Stage Gain

2nd stage



Rectifier Tube 5U4GB
Front Insert Plate Solid Copper


1 x Stereo Pair 4, 8, 16 ohms

Ccore  0 8 15 ohms

Recommended Speakers min 88dB
Width 43cm
Height 5cm
Depth 30cm
Weight 23kg
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat

Click on the pic below for our HI RES Gallery of the Kit1-15 as well as the Wiring graphic and Manual

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