L1 Phono Stage (6×4) – Release Date: April 1


Dedicated L1 Phono stage with 6×4 rectifier and 12ax7 – 6922 Phono stage

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Product Overview

ANK Audio Kits is pleased to announce the new L1 Phono Stage.  Customers requested an economical tube rectified  phono stage in the L1 size chassis that took advantage of the L3 Phono board and was dead quiet. We delivered! The new phono stage is fun to build and delivers superb sound quality with incredibly quiet operation and no special tube matching required. The phono board also supports large film capacitor locations for the four critical signal path locations. A DIYers delight ( order a second phono PCB (25$)  for future experimentation!)

The ability to purchase a high quality DIY tube  phono stage with top quality parts  is quite unique in the DIY world today. The 6×4 tube rectified and   power supply delivers ultra quiet power supply voltages. The phono stage uses the best RIAA components, a top quality Mundorf EVO  film bypass capacitor and 4 x ELNA Silmic cathode bypass capacitors.

The Power Supply: 6×4 Tube Power Supply

The very high quality Power Supply is just what the doctor ordered!   The gorgeous 7 pin 6X4 rectifier provides the  HT for the L1  Phono Stage.
We use our specially terminated ground cables for a perfect hum free phono stage.


12ax7 – 6922 Phono Section

The phono section consists of our beautiful L3 Phono PCB which a 12ax7/6922 based phono design , no feedback passive RIAA circuit with a large 47UF  EVO cap as the HT bypass and 4 foor tprints for any large film caps of your choosing if you so desire. The stage also includes 3 REL caps – precision pf caps for the RIAA section 2700pf and 8200pf

The L3 Phonov2 Pcb has been designed for the DIY user wanting to put the BEST components with large footprints into the unit! 1w and 2w tantalums are accomodated here along with Large Film cap footprints! specially designed with REL CAPS for the RIAA section – the 12ax7 input stage and the 6922 output stage with no feedback results in very roleable NOS tubes for ultimate vinyl experimentation!


Kit Overview

Fall in love with your vinyl without breaking the bank! a Gorgeous all tube phono stage with big AudioNote film caps! DIYers can experiment with various components. There are many film capacitors on the market and each has their own flavour – heres a chance to try them in the phono board without running out of space!  Both tubes are heated with DC filaments for low noise


Planning to get back into vinyl or just starting a first collection – Try out the gorgeous stand along tube phono stage to find out what your vinyl really sounds like!

Our entry level L1 Phono will challenge alot of high end phono stages on the market – the 6×4 tube power supply creates gorgeous dynamics and the perfectly laid out phono board makes for easy and perfect connections through out – heres a chance to really jump start your vinyl enjoyment!

Parts Compliment includes:

  • REL Capacitor RIAA x 4
  • Audio Note Tin Film Oil  Capacitors x 4 on Phono Stage
  • Mundorf MCap EVO capacitor on Phono Stage
  • Takman non magnetic 1W Resistors on Phono Stage
  • Takman non magnetic 1W Resistors on Power Supply
  • Audio Note Silver RCA jacks
  • Audio Note AN-A shielded cable custom terminated
  • 6×4 rectifier tube, 12ax7 EH, 6922 EH

L1 Phono-6X4


Output Tube 1 x 12AX7
RIAA 1 x 6922
Rectifier Tube 6X4
Outputs 1 x Stereo Pair RCA to a Pre-Amplifier or Integrated
PCB Sturdy PCB with 2oz copper trace and thick grounding/ HT traces
Width 38 cmfix
Height 14.6 cmfix
Depth 40.6 cmfix
Weight 10kgfix
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Sandtex

L1 Series

The L1 series started with our very popular L1 EL8v2 On the right) which we have enhanced over the years to mechanical and sonic perfection! Now with the new L1 Phono (left)  and L1 DAC available – an incredible DIY audio system is available for all budgets!

Check out our ON Line Manual L1 Phono 


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L3 Phono V2, L3 Phono V2 Signature