L2 Line/Phono (Copy)


Triple C-Core, 5687 Line Stage, & AudioNote signature parts.

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Product Overview

Our Line Pre-amplifier using a the 5687 circuit along with triple C-Core transformers and M2 Power Supply 6×5 ecl82 – We use AudioNote film caps on the power supply.

Parts Compliment includes:

The standard version has the following:

  • ALPS pot
  • Triple C-Core output transformers (RCA only, balanced output)
  • Audio Note Tin Foil Film Signal Capacitors
  • Takman / AudioNote Tantalum Resistors
  • High Quality Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Elma Selector extension kit
  • ELMA Selector Switch
  • Audio Note AN-A Shielded cable
  • PTFE silver plated copper wire
  • Stainless Steel Metric Hardware
  • Steel Shield
  • Silver Plated RCA’s
  • M2 Power Supply (6X5/ECL82)
  • 5687 Line Board (Hardwired or PCB)

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L3 Phono V2, L3 Phono V2 Signature