L2 Line/Phono


L2 Line Preamplifier with optional Phono Stage


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Product Overview

(Note: this page is under construction as we will be adding new pics and specs and further details this month of April )

Our L2 Line Pre-amplifier with optional phono has been in the ANK product line since the early days – Using the 6×5/ecl82 M2 Power supply to supply the HT and filament voltages – we use a dual 12au7 Line stage with large Audionote .47uf Film capacitors . A gorgeous all tube Pre-amplifier , As an option a Phono stage board can be added utilizing our 12ax7/6922 phono stage also with AudioNote film caps and Takman non magnetic resistors . This unit has tons of upgrade potential with tube rolling and film caps / pots / resistors , electrolytics and shielded cable – we give you a great solid start with high quality components .


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Parts Compliment includes:

The standard version has the following:

  • ALPS pot
  • Audio Note Tin Foil Film Signal Capacitors
  • Takman nonmagnetic resistors
  • High Quality Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Elma Selector extension kit
  • ELMA Selector Switch
  • Audio Note AN-A Shielded cable
  • PTFE silver plated copper wire
  • Stainless Steel Metric Hardware
  • Steel Shield
  • Silver Plated RCA’s
  • M2 Power Supply (6X5/ECL82)
  • Line Stage 2 x 12au7
  • Phono Stage 12ax7/6922 ( 40db)
  • Power Supply ( 6×5/ecl82)

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