L4 Phono X


The ultimate phono stage. Uses the NOS 5U4G rectifier tube.

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Product Overview

The ultimate  L5 Signature Phono Stage is now available – Why not create the worlds finest phono stage built on the WE274b/5u4g rectified power supply –  Who doesn’t love listening to the magic of a vinyl record? The development of the L5 Signature Phono Stage started in earnest to aim for the ultimate phono stage . The new L5 Signature Phono Stage joins our Mentor Pre-amplifier and DAC 5.1 making what we are calling the ‘Level 5 Triple Threat’.

Line stage

A brand new line stage board has been designed taking advantage of the very latest in modern grounding techniques. We are using two massive 47uf EVO film capacitors situated in the center of the board for maximum silence.
The very best parts are used including Audio Note non magnetic tantalum resistors, REL RIAA capacitors and of course Audio Note copper film capacitors. Tubes are the 12AX7 and 6922 which are available for swapping in many audiophile grades.


We utlized our Super Regulator board in the DAC 5.1 to provide the ultra quiet DC filament voltages for the Line stage tubes – we took every precaution to design the quietest possible tube phono stage and we succeeded BUT also kept all the crazy dynamics associated with a SHUNT power supply typically found only in ultra high end pre-amplifiers!



We start by utilizing the Mentor Power SUpply with its Dual 4 Pole chokes and 4 pole Mundorf PS capacitors in order to remove any and all unwanted noise effects and shunt them off to ground – the result a BLACK background beyond anything you have experienced! THe Power supply tube is a single 5u4G rectifier typcially found in 300B power amps – Over kill for a phono stage? Possibly but what the heck – we wanted to see how far we could go

The Line stage is thing a beauty with 2 massive 47uf EVO Film caps acting as HT by pass for each channel – along with that an amazing grounding scheme that drops the noise floor to PITCH black

THe genius is all in the PCB designs and the CHOKES ! The lucky builder can assemble following the instructions and experience audio nirvana that h would be unlikely to find in gear any price!



Input Tube 1 x 12AX7

ita $ gear

Output Tube 1 x 6922/6DJ8
Rectifier Tube NOS 5U4G
Outputs 1 x SE Pair RCA or Balanced O/P via XLR connectors to a Pre-Amplifier or Integrated Amplifier
PCB Sturdy PCB with 2oz copper trace and thick grounding/ HT traces
Width 43 cm
Height (inc feet) 20.3 cm
Depth 44.5 cm
Weight 15kg
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Sandtex

Parts Compliment includes:

  • REL Capacitor RIAA x 4
  • Audio Note Copper Capacitors x 4 on Phono Stage
  • Mundorf MCap EVO capacitor on Phono Stage
  • Takman non magnetic 1W Resistors on Phono Stage (Kit version)
  • Audio Note Tantalum 1W Resistors on Phono Stage (Professionally built version)
  • Audio Note Silver RCA jacks
  • Audio Note AN-A shielded cable custom terminated
  • 1AN-V cable optional for +200 (Standard on Professionally built version)
  • Aluminium faceplate as standard
    Black Faceplate available for -$100

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