L3 Phono V2


Dedicated L3 Phono stage with tube rectified power. M2 power supply with 6×5 ecl82.

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Phono perfection for the DIY enthusiast is finally achieved.

Brian Smith: ANK Audiokits

Product Overview

ANK Audio Kits is pleased to announce the new L3 Phono Stage V2 to fulfil customer requests for a phono stage that uses standard NOS tubes like the 12AX7 and 6922. The new phono stage is a breeze to build and delivers superb sound quality with incredibly quiet operation and no special tube matching required. The phono board also supports large film capacitor locations for the four critical signal path locations.

The ability to purchase a high end DIY phono stage with top quality parts configuration is quite unique in the DIY world today. The tube rectified and regulated M2 power supply delivers ultra quiet power supply voltages. The phono stage uses the best RIAA components, a top quality Mundorf EVO oil film bypass capacitor and 4 x ELNA Silmic cathode bypass capacitors.

The circuit is a similar architecture to the L3 Phono V1 with a high gain input stage followed by passive RIAA and no feedback, followed by an output driver tube. The sound is classic vinyl and rolling some nice NOS tubes in the 12AX7 and 6922 / 6DJ8 position will allow you to tailor the sound to your specific preferences.

With the L3 Phono V2 you can build a quiet phono stage with no tube rush, zero hum and a pure black background. We provide all the terminated cables and grounding strategy. The end result, the subtle sonic details that are hidden in those magical vinyl grooves will be revealed.


  • Ability to adjust RIAA values to customize.
  • Quiet operation.

The power supply: Audio Note M2 design

The very high quality Audio Note M2 Power supply section is 6X5 rectified and ECL82 regulated and provides the 12V filaments and HT for the M3 Phono Stage.
We use our specially terminated ground cables for a perfect hum free phono stage. We cut, trim, twist and terminate all the required cables for your build using high quality Silver Plated Teflon hook-up wire.


The standard version uses Takman resistors & AudioNote tin film caps.
The signature version uses AudioNote resistors & copper film caps.


Output Tube 1 x 12AX7
RIAA 1 x 6922
Rectifier Tube 6X5 & ECL82
Outputs 1 x Stereo Pair RCA to a Pre-Amplifier or Integrated
PCB Sturdy PCB with 2oz copper trace and thick grounding/ HT traces
Width 38 cm
Height 14.6 cm
Depth 40.6 cm
Weight 10kg
Chassis 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Sandtex

Parts Compliment includes:

  • REL Capacitor RIAA x 4
  • Audio Note Copper Capacitors x 4 on Phono Stage
  • Mundorf MCap EVO capacitor on Phono Stage
  • Takman non magnetic 1W Resistors on Phono Stage
  • Mundorf MCap EVO, Mundorf MCap Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil on Power Supply
  • Takman non magnetic 1W Resistors on Power Supply
  • Audio Note Silver RCA jacks
  • Audio Note AN-A shielded cable custom terminated
  • Matched Tubes for input stage

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L3 Phono V2, L3 Phono V2 Signature