L4 Mentor Pre-amp


Cost reduced version of L5 Mentor.  Uses a single 5U4g/ WE 274b tube rectifier in the shunt power supply.



Product Overview

The L4 version has the single 5u4g rectifier, Takman resistors and AudioNote copper caps as well as a stereo ALPS pot.

It is basically a cost reduced version of ultimate Level 5 Mentor pre-amp. In the Level 4 we use a single 5U4g/ WE 274b tube rectifier in the Shunt power supply.

Why? Well many of customers come to us wanting the best Pre-amplification with MonoBlocks and the price can get up there so a reduced cost Mentor with 90% functionality is ideal for system purchases or customers who simply want amazing pre-amplification on a tighter budget!

The L4 Mentor delivers! Hear stunning detail and information with no fatigue – Find out what your speakers are really capable of – Special Discount available when purchased with any of our MonoBlock amplifiers!

A stunning layout showing off the Single 5u4G Shunt Power supply comprising of dual 4 pole chokes and Dual 4 pole capacitors for the ultimate in noise reduction – Need a dead quite supply so that every ounce of musical detail can shine through – them the Mentor technology is the way to go – On the line stage our Triple C core output transformer , Takman non magnetic resistors along with AN copper film caps! A large 33+33uf Mundorf power supply for HT bypass – our custom selector extender kit, XLR PCB and IEC PCB make the build much simpler! Even a novice builder could take a crack at it!


  • Shunt Power supply
  • Triple C-Core transformers
  • Balanced outputs and RCA
  • Takman non-magnetic resistors
  • AudioNote copper film caps
  • 6 RCA inputs
  • 2 outputs (RCA) + 1 Balanced Pair

Additional information


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