L4 Mentor Pre-amp


Cost reduced version of L5 Mentor.  Uses a single 5U4g/ WE 274b tube rectifier in the shunt power supply.



Mentor Product Overview

The Mentor Pre-amp family is the ultimate level of pre-amplification in a high end audio system – the magic is in the Mentor Power supply that is SHUNT based and results outrageous dynamics and incredible black background- you need to hear to believe – the Power supply is designed with Dual 4 Pole chokes and the 5u4G rectifier typically found in power amplifiers – Dual 4 Pole Mlytic capacitors also collect up any noise found in the audio signal and send out to ground – the SHUNT design means there is a reserve of current running at all times so that the pre-amp can access instantaneous current supplies need for large swings in the audio signal – the result is that seemingly dull recordings will spring to life and details never heard before will suddenly materialize!


The L4 version has the single 5u4g rectifier, Takman resistors and AudioNote copper caps as well as a stereo ALPS pot.

It is basically a cost reduced version of ultimate Level 5 Mentor pre-amp. In the Level 4 we use a single 5U4g/ WE 274b tube rectifier in the Shunt power supply.

Why? Well many of customers come to us wanting the best Pre-amplification with MonoBlocks and the price can get up there so a reduced cost Mentor with 90% functionality is ideal for system purchases or customers who simply want amazing pre-amplification on a tighter budget!

The L4 Mentor delivers! Hear stunning detail and information with no fatigue – Find out what your speakers are really capable of – Special Discount available when purchased with any of our MonoBlock amplifiers!


A stunning layout showing off the Single 5u4G Shunt Power supply comprising of dual 4 pole chokes and Dual 4 pole capacitors for the ultimate in noise reduction – Need a dead quite supply so that every ounce of musical detail can shine through – them the Mentor technology is the way to go – On the line stage our Triple C core output transformer , Takman non magnetic resistors along with AN copper film caps! A large 33+33uf Mundorf power supply for HT bypass – our custom selector extender kit, XLR PCB and IEC PCB make the build much simpler! Even a novice builder could take a crack at it!



C core output stage for ultra low impedence (10ohms) along with audionote copper film caps and Takman Non magnetic resistors on the line stage!


Silver RCAs and an ELMA selector switch with custom pcb makes for easy RCA connections



Our new L4 Mentor Pre-amp offers a serious Shunt based pre-amplifier that will bring out the most delicated details in your audio system along with Stunning dynamics – dead quiet operation and ultra black background – the L4 Mentor is a chance to get extreme pre-amp performance in an affordable package –

  • Shunt Power supply
  • Triple C-Core transformers
  • Balanced outputs and RCA
  • Takman non-magnetic resistors
  • AudioNote copper film caps
  • 6 RCA inputs
  • 2 outputs (RCA) + 1 Balanced Pair

Check out the Manual and stunning HI res gallery below

L4 Mentor Manual 

HI RES Gallery 


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