ANK Audiokits Support

We are here to help you choose the right product for your music system, and also provide full support during and after your build. On receiving your new kit you will want to check the supplied parts against the parts inventory, and familiarise yourself with the various stages of the build process. The best way to do this is read the supplied manual at least once before commencing the build.

All our current products have all been successfully built by none professionals following our instruction manuals. Many of our kits can be built in 10-20 hours and we recommend splitting up the build process into 3 sections: 1) the power supply board and testing, 2) the digital or phono board (depending on the product type), 3) the output board and testing. Building our kits really is quite straight forward, but beware, it is very addictive!

We suggest you check out the MANUALS section on the website to view all the most up to date documentation on all the kits ! if there is anything you need that is not posted let us know and we will put it up on the Manuals site for you to download

During the construction of your kit please feel free to email us or send a whatsapp message
Email any questions to:
whatsapp  613 869 0011

or if you are planning to build a kit and have some questions please email – we are also here for support post build if you have questions – we work alot of hificollective in the UK and partsconnexion in canada for upgrade parts etc…feel free to check their inventories -we dont typically sell individual  parts or transformers – we focus on kits !


you can also check out our ANKAUDIOKits facebook page (ACCESSABLE FROM WEBSITE MAIN MENU)as well as our ANKAUDIOKITS group which you can join !

We are here to help you build the perfect audio component!

Brian Smith