Systems / Package Deals

Please enquire directly with us at with regards to possible systems where you can take advantage of 15% discount on 2 or more kits.

Some popular ideas are:

  • L4 Mentor Pre-amp with EL34 Triple C-Core monoblocks – a 35W amplification system of the highest level
  • L4 EL34 Integrated amplifier with a DAC2.1 signature for an amazing digital system with power
  • Kit1 300B and L3 phono V22 for a vinyl SET system
  • Interstage monoblocks all C-Core with a Mentor L5 phono and DAC5.1
  • L1 EL84v2 integrated amplifier with an L1 Phono Stage

These are just a couple of examples of systems – please feel free to dream up your own and contact us!